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Seven Instagram Hashtags that Haven’t Taken Off Yet

9 Jun










Today’s Random Thought

25 Dec

An eye for an eye makes the whole world half blind – with limited depth perception.

Today’s Random Thought

29 Oct

I saw two statuses:

No school tomorrow!
No, school tomorrow!

The importance of punctuation.



Today’s Random Thought

25 Oct

Since arriving at the stadium, Pablo Sandoval and Prince Fielder make up a combined 4 percent of San Francisco’s biomass.

Today’s Random Thought

30 Sep

How does Nielsen calculate ratings for Ryder Cup while taking into account the number of asleep viewers?

Today’s Random Thought

11 Sep

Today I saw a little girl having a tea party with her dad. It’s a shame political ideas were being impressed upon her at such a young age.

Today’s Random Thought

30 Aug

Who’s idea was it to put the RNC on at 10 pm EST? They booked the convention in a state full of old people.

Today’s Random Thought

19 Mar

Exit Poll: 70% of voters hoping to keep Santorum in the race are comedy writers.

Today’s Random Thought

18 Mar

(On  the way home from buying bongos)

ME: I think I’m gonna become a beatnik.

BROTHER: Why not just be a hipster?

ME: Too mainstream.

Today’s Random Thought

5 Mar

China has announced today that they will lower their annual GDP growth target from 8% to 7.5%. That matches the new minimum age requirement for factory workers.

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