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Real College Packing List

24 Aug

There are many packing lists out there to help you make sure you don’t forget anything when you go to college. Unfortunately, they often miss a few essential items:

  • That university-branded shot glass your cool uncle bought you
  • Air freshener to be used in lieu of doing your laundry
  • Supermarket supply of Doritos, Easy Mac, and Sprite
  • Two-ply toilet paper (because the crummy dorm room brand can’t support that diet)
  • DS game you beat last year during Spanish 301
  • The pile of shirts for other colleges your grandma bought you hoping you’d end up somewhere else
  • Sweatshirt commemorating the graduating class you would have been in had you not taken seven years




What’s In A Name?

16 Aug

“Last year a New York judge refused to allow a couple to change their family name to ChristIsKing. The judge argued that allowing certain names could infringe on the religious liberties of others, and he offered the example of a court employee forced to call out a name with a religious message.”  – The New York Times

From the desk of the New York Baby Names Authority…

Requested Name: SuperSmartPete
Reason for Rejection: Could cause controversy in the classroom

Requested Name:  FireInACrowdedTheatre
Reason for Rejection: Inflammatory

Requested Name: BakedZitiIsTheBomb
Reason for Rejection: Offensive to the lactose intolerant

Requested Name: King
Reason for Rejection: Dog name

Requested Name: hjhjeoooooooopdjfajabFro
Reason for Rejection: Parent appears to have fallen asleep on the keyboard

Requested Name: Sh*t
Reason for Rejection: No grammatical markings

Requested Name: Waylon
Reason for Rejection: A bit outdated

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