What’s In A Name?

16 Aug

“Last year a New York judge refused to allow a couple to change their family name to ChristIsKing. The judge argued that allowing certain names could infringe on the religious liberties of others, and he offered the example of a court employee forced to call out a name with a religious message.”  – The New York Times

From the desk of the New York Baby Names Authority…

Requested Name: SuperSmartPete
Reason for Rejection: Could cause controversy in the classroom

Requested Name:  FireInACrowdedTheatre
Reason for Rejection: Inflammatory

Requested Name: BakedZitiIsTheBomb
Reason for Rejection: Offensive to the lactose intolerant

Requested Name: King
Reason for Rejection: Dog name

Requested Name: hjhjeoooooooopdjfajabFro
Reason for Rejection: Parent appears to have fallen asleep on the keyboard

Requested Name: Sh*t
Reason for Rejection: No grammatical markings

Requested Name: Waylon
Reason for Rejection: A bit outdated

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