The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

15 Sep

“I was the guy who makes you scrub the latrine, the guy who makes you make your bed, the guy who screams at you for being late to work. The job requires you to be a mean, tough person” – Bob Ross on his Army days

(Bob Ross is in the studio, working on a painting in front of the camera.)

BOB ROSS: And now, let’s put some happy little clouds in the sky. We can do whatever we want in our painting, so let’s add some happy little clouds. We’re just going to mix some Creamy White with some Eggshell – where the %$#! is the Eggshell? Which *^%&$#?  %!@#head forgot to put the Eggshell on my palette? How !*@^#!& hard is it to do that before I get here? $#%! the %$@%^ Egg&#% before I ^$%& up %#!$#%! PBS? More like %$!&!

(Producer runs up with tube of Eggshell.)

BOB ROSS: And how about we paint a happy little mountain, too.


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