Mind Your P’s and Q’s

6 May

Parents who want the best for their children go to great lengths to teach their children proper manners. However, I’m forced to wonder if kids actually get the message beyond the importance of not picking your nose when others are looking.

WILL: MOM! MOM! Make me a sandwich! MOM!

MOM: Will, what do we say?

WILL: Mom, you fat slob! Hurry up with my sandwich!

MOM: What do we say when we want a favor?

WILL: Hurry up you fat slob, please?

MOM: Good boy. And what do we say after someone gives you something?

WILL: Maybe you could have done it faster if you took your fat rolls out of your ears, but thank you.

MOM: That’s right, we say thank you. And how was school today?

WILL: Pretty good. We made sand art, but you’re probably not familiar with that. You don’t have very much time outside of the kitchen.

MOM: WILL! You’re being very rude!

WILL: Thank you?

One Response to “Mind Your P’s and Q’s”

  1. Barry Sosnick May 6, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

    If that child kept digging his finger in his nose when people were looking, then maybe he wouldn’t be so hungry and grumpy. Have you ever seen those horrible looking Lunchable kits? I am thinking about a line of products that would help the poor child in you story. It contains bread and cheese; all a child does is add his or her own nose nuggets and they have an instant sandwich. No more angry, rude children because their stomachs are grumbling.

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