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Latest iPhone 5 Bug Forces People to Live

26 Sep

Fresh off the heels of the iPhone 5 map problem, users are coming out with complaints about the new camera.

Jack O’Trough waited in an eight hour line for his new device. “The new camera is so easy to use, I get the shot on the first try,” he said. “In restaurants, it only takes me one or two shots to photograph my food, forcing me to look up and actually talk to whoever I’m eating with.”

Natalie Dunham had similar sentiments. “I always used my iPhone 4S to take pictures of my kids at the playground. But now that it’s so much faster to take a photo, my children always make me play with them. It’s a little unnerving.”

Others are finding the new camera interfaces confusing and time consuming. “I had heard such good things about the new panorama function,” Apple enthusiast Manuel Hidalgo posted on a tech review site. “I climbed a mountain to get the ideal test shot to put on my blog, and in the process rediscovered my connection to nature. Now I’m going to have to put ‘outdoorsy’ on all my online dating profiles.”

Though there has been no official announcement, there are rumors about a new software update that will keep the user’s eyes focused on the camera and less on the world around them.

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