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Fun Columbus Day Celebrations

14 Oct

Columbus Day is sometimes called “Christmas in October”, or “Magellan Day on Steroids”. Yet, many of you likely don’t celebrate this important day with the same zest as other holidays. Here are some creative and crafty ways to get in the Columbus Day spirit this year:

  • Wear a funky exploration-themed sweater to school or work
  • Make cool art projects like hand tracing turkeys or finger painting root vegetables to commemorate the Columbian Exchange
  • For the kids: make Taino costumes at home and organize the children in a parade (Bring shackles for the group if you’re the life of the party)
  • Make fun Columbus tree ornaments in the shape of your favorite virus, like small pox or syphilis
  • Recreate the famous story by walking into someone else’s home and “discovering” it
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