Putting the “Art” in “Fart”

15 Aug

This last week, I fisnished my final summer at camp. Traditionally, the oldest group of campers are taken on a week-long trip to California, and this year’s didn’t fail to meet expectations. However, amongst Hollywood, Laguna Beach, Rodeo Drive, someone had the shortsightedness to bring a group of 23 teenage boys to the Getty Art Museum. Here are a few choice quotations that could be heard if you just so happened to be there on  the same day as us:

“I bet you I can get closer to the paintings than you before the guard notices.”

“Hey, look! If you touch it like this, you can see the paint chips fall off!”

“This place is huge. I wish I brought my roller skates.”

“Sssssh. You’ll wake that old guy on the couch.”

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